App that turn photo into cartoon with one click
Turn Photos into Carton With One click
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App That Turn Photo Into Cartoon With 1 Click

Converting your photos into vector illustrations is in trending nowadays. Not Every person can use Photoshop or any other heavy app to turn photos into cartoons or avatars, so if you are looking for an app to turn photos into cartoons, I will tell you about an app that turns the photo into cartoon with one click on your phone.

The result of this app is so good that it looked like any professional graphic designer designed the illustration. You can use these images as profile pictures on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, e.t.c.

There are many Apps on Playstore and Apple store that can convert images into cartoons or art, but here I will tell you about that one app I used personally and am impressed with the result.

ToonApp: App That Turn Photo Into Cartoon With 1 Click

This is the app that turns photos into cartoon with one click. Toon app offers shocking AI channels for pictures to transform photographs into cartoons. So far, this is one of the best apps to turn a photo into a cartoon. To finish photograph altering, add a noteworthy format or toon foundation! Convert your pics into imaginative artistic creations and pencil sketch drawings without any problem.

Make an excellent artistry exhibition utilizing ToonApp picture proofreader with different animation application impacts and lovely photograph channels. This animation picture manager will be your new dearest companion with other computerized craftsmanship channels on the off chance you like anime characters. Consolidate trickle impact with an animation channel to make your vector artistry staggering.

How To Turn Photo into Cartoon With ToonApp

Just follow these simple steps to make a cartoon of your images or photos.

  • Open It, and It will show an option for payment but don’t worry, you can also use it for free.
  • Just click on a cross button in the top left.
Toon App pro free
  • Allow toon app memory access.

  • Select an image you want to turn into a cartoon.

  • Crop The image you can zoom in and out your image to fix in the square.
crop photo to convert into cartoon
  • Click on the Next or Tick button then it will automatically start converting your image.

  • Now you can change the background color and style of your illustration.

edit photo into cartoon
  • There is a erase button on the top you can use it to remove any unwanted part of your photo.

  • When You Will make all changes click on Apply and save your image.
toonapp Save photo into device
  • In the free version, it will show the app logo on your photo you can also use the free trial of it.

Pro-Tip No 1

When You export your art, you can do some extra editing on it for color grading and other stuff; you can download any photo editor online or use the default editing feature, which is available in your gallery app, and adjust brightness contrast tempt and other important things.

turn photos into cartoon
After Some Color Correction
turn images into cartoon
Simple Export

Pro-Tip No 2 

Sometimes, when you import your images into the toon app, it might also remove any vital part of your characters like any part of the hair, cloth, face, or hand e.t.c, then you need to do some editing in your photo before importing it in-app.

This Situation happens when the color of any part of your character matches the background color, so what you need to do is remove the background of your image; you can use website to do this easily in one click. Now after removing the background, import your photo in-app.

Pro-Tip 3

If you face any error while importing any image, especially this error message ” Please try a close-up picture,” then first open your image in any other photo editing app, then export that as jpg and then import in toon app that turns a photo into a cartoon with one click.

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