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How To Fix Your Device Isn’t Compatible With This Version

Sometimes we find “your decive is not compatible with this version” error message on the google play store when we want to install any application on our phone. I also faced the same situation a few days ago, and I successfully fixed the issue; that’s why im writing this article to help you about how to fix your device is not compatible with this version error on the google play store.

There are many reasons for the “device isn’t compatible” error, so before straight jumping into the solution, let me explain the causes of this issue quick because when you find out the main reason behind the problem, then it will be straightforward to solve it even if you face the same error in any other mobiles in feature.

Reasons Behind Your Device Isn’t Compatible Error.

These are the main reasons for this problem.

  1. Android version is not supported
  2. Hardware Problem
  3. Problem In Google playstore
  4. The app is not developed for you.
  5. Your Device is new.
  6. Find All Problems

Android Version Is Not Supported

Android mobiles are improving day by day because of the notable updates and features of new OS versions. So users are updating their system version to the latest one, and mobile manufacturer companies are also using the latest versions of android for their phones; that’s why application developers always target the latest version of android while developing their apps, and over time they stop their testings on old versions so if there is any problem in-app for old mobiles then they will remain unfixed.

The old android version is not the reason every time. Sometimes new versions are also the reason for this situation; if the android version is newly launched and app developers have not updated their application according to the new version, then you can also see the device is not compatible error on the play store.

Hardware Problem

Nowadays, mobile apps provide you with much more functions than you think. They use more ram and CPU usage. If you install any high graphics-based game like pubg mobile or any other similar game, they need lots of memory usage, and if your phone ram is very low. Your CPU chipset is not good enough; then you cant play this game on your phone. If your pubg game is lagging or you want to run it more smoothly, you can use the gfx tool.

So it’s always essential to make sure whether your device hardware is strong enough to run the targeted application or not. To find it out, you can watch reviews of your mobile on youtube, read articles about it on Google, or directly ask mobile company support about it.

Problem In Google playstore

This error is not always because of your or your phone’s fault. Sometimes playstore is also responsible for it. playstore updates can also cause the problem, and we will discuss its solution in detail below.

The app is not developed for you.

Sometimes developers target specific device users or specific locations. So if the app is not developed for your device or location, you can’t install it from playstore usually, but you can use VPN for location problems. Use VPN and change your IP address to any other country where the app is available to install and download, but if the app is not available for your device, you don’t need to worry about it; we will fix it too in our solutions.

Your Device is new.

Every day, many new devices are being launched in the market, and it is hard for a developer to keep their app compatible with all devices, so if your phone is very new, then maybe the app is not yet developed according to your mobile. In this case, you can also write feedback to the developers about the issue, and they will fix it, but we also have many solutions in this post to download any app on your phone, even if your phone is brand new.

Find The Real Problem

If you are still confused and don’t know the main reason behind this error, then visit playstore web from your phone browser and visit the app page which you wants to download; now click on your device isn’t compatible with this version error message, and it will show you all possible reasons of this message.

How To Fix Your Device Isn’t Compatible With This Version Error

Now let’s look at the solutions of How To Fix Your Device Isn’t Compatible With This Version Error message. We will discuss many solutions; you can check all answers to see which one will work for you because all the methods are for different causes, and we have already discussed all the reasons above. If you know why you see this message, you can follow the solution according to your problem because if you apply the different solutions for the different causes, it may not work as your expectations.

Methods To How To Fix Your Device Isn’t Compatible With This Version.

Here are all possible methods to fix this error.

  • Clear Cache and data of Playstore
  • Clear data of Google Services
  • Uninstall Updates of Google Playstore and Services
  • Update Android Software
  • Hardware Requirments
  • Install with Apk
  • Change Device Model
  • Use VPN

Clear Cache and Data of Playstore

Cleare cache and data of google playstore, by doing this all trah and corrupt files causing this problem will be removed.

Go to settings > App Manager.

In-app manager, find Google Play store and click on it.

Click on storage, and then you will see both clear cache and clear data buttons.

First, only clear cache, and if the problem is still unsolved, then also clear data. When you clear data, you may need to re-login with your Gmail in playstore.

Clear Cache and Data of Google Play Services

Google Playstore and play services are two different things but working together. On the play store, you can download and install apps, but google play services help you protect your mobile from malware-infected apps. So play services is used for security purpose and it can make troubles to install apps from play store even if there is not any danger in downloading it.

Go to settings > App Manager > Find Google Play services.

Click on storage, and then you will see both clear-cache and clear data buttons.

Uninstall Playstore and play services updates

If you have recently updated these two applications ( mostly they auto-update themselves), then try to uninstall these updates. It will help you eliminate the ” your device is not compatible with this version ” error.

If these apps were pre-installed on your phone, it would not wholly uninstall; it will only uninstall its updates.

  • Go to mobile settings and then find the application manager.
  • Find playstore and services apps and click on them.
  • Click on Uninstall button.

Update Android Software

As we know, the old android version is one of the big reasons for device compatibility errors, so if there is any system update available for your phone, then update it to the latest one.

To update your android OS go to the settings of the phone.

Please scroll down and find the system updates option and click on it.

Click on the update button if there is any. You need an active internet connection and more than 50% battery in your phone because installing new updates is not possible if there is no charge in your phone.

Hardware Requirments

How can you install and run any app if your phone hardware power is not enough to run it? If any app is not installing or working on your phone, check out its hardware requirements. In this case, changing mobile is the only available option.

Many apps provide the minimum hardware requirements of it to run it in their description on playstore.

Go to the app page, click on the description, and find the minimum requirements for running that app. If this information is not available there, then search it on google.

Install with Apk

Is the error still unsolved? Then install it through apk. Yes, you can install any app manually by downloading its apk from the internet. But always make sure to download it from a trusted source because these apk files can contain viruses and malware if you are downloading from untrusted sources. So to overcome this threat of malware, I will suggest you get apk from your friend with the help of file sharing apps. First, ask your friend or family member to install that app and then share it via file share apps with your phone.

Another source of apk is yalp store. Yalp store is an open source app through which you can install google play apps without google play, and they will also auto-update.

yalp store to install apps with apk

Before installing apps through apk turn on installations from unknown sources in settings.

Go to settings > Security > unknown sources.

Change Device Model

You can also change your device model number to trick google playstore. Change your mobile model number to any other model on which that app is installing without error; to do this, follow these simple steps.

  • We need the help of an app called ES File Explorer for this task, so go to playstore and install it.
using es file explorer To Fix Your Device Isn't Compatible With This Version
  • Search any model number lunched by your phone manufacturer company.
  • Make sure the model you select is also available for your country
  • Now copy the selected model name.
  • Open Es file explorer and go to the tools section.
  • Enable show hidden files for root explorer
  • Now find the System folder within the page named as a /.
  • In the system folder, find build.prop file.
  • Rename this build as xbuild.prop and then copy it.
  • Now paste xbuild.prop file in your SD Card or any other folder
  • Now open this file with ES Note Editor
  • Paste the phone model name in front of “” command.
  • Save changes and again go to System folder in /. Folder.
  • And paste xbuild.prop here and rename it to build.prop
  • Now change the file permission of this file as follows.
    1 ) Read permission to All ( Group, Owner, and Other)
    2 ) Write permission to the only owner
    3 ) Execute permission to no one
  • save all changes and restart your phone.

The error message saying your device is not compatible with this version on google playstore should be fixed.


VPN (virtual private network ) is an app which will help you to hide your original location so if your are facing any problem due to your location then you can use VPN app and it will be fixed.

I have mentioned all possible methods to solve device compatibility errors, and I hope now your problem is solved and you have also learned the reasons behind this annoying error. If you still have any doubts or issues, you can share them with us in the comment section or email us, and it will be a pleasure to help you.

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