how to backup android contacts
How to backup contacts on android
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How To Backup Android Contacts

Mobile phone contacts are very important to stay connected with our loved ones. If You never want to lose the contact numbers of your friends and relatives, you should make a backup of your contacts; so if you delete any contact number by mistake or change your mobile, you will still be able to restore them. So in this post, I will tell you about how to backup android contacts.

Advantages Of Making Backup Of Contacts

Making a backup of any data is always helpful, and here few reasons you should backup contacts.

  • Your contacts’ backup file will help you transfer or share all of your contacts to any other phone.

  • It will help to restore deleted contacts from the phone.

  • It also helps to restore all contacts after you factory reset your mobile phone.

2 Best Ways To Make Backup Of Contacts On Android

There are multiple ways to backup and restore android contacts, but here I will discuss two main and best methods with you.

  1. Google Backup: Store Backup online

  2. Manual Update: Store Backup offline

How To Backup Android Contacts With Google

It’s very easy to backup all your Android data on google; to do this, follow these easy steps.

  • Go To Settings of Your Phone.

  • Now scroll and go to Google.
Android settings
Android Settings : Click on Google
  • Now click on Account services.

Google Settings
Click on account Services
  • Go to Google Contact Sync.
Google Contact Sync
Google Contact Sync
  • Now Click on Also sync device contacts.
backup android contact
sync device contacts
  • Turn On Automatically Backup and sync option and select Gmail account to backup android contacts.
Turn on backup android contacts
Turn contact sync

Now contacts available on your phone will be automatically backup in the gmail account which you selected.

Restore Contacts From Google Account On Android

Now whenever you need to restore all these contacts just follow these steps.

  • Go to Your Contacts App.

  • Click On three dots and go to settings.
contacts settings
Go to contacts settings
  • Click on Import/Export Contacts.

  • Go to import from Storage And select your google account.

How To Backup Android Contacts Manually

If You don’t want to make an online backup then you can make one offline. You can also share this backup with any other phone.

If you are restoring your phone then first store this backup file at any safe place like on an SD card or any other phone then reset your mobile otherwise your backup file will also delete.

  • Open Your Contact App And go To Settings of contact App.
how to backup android contacts
Contacts settings
  • Now Go to import/Export Contacts Options.

  • From here click on Export To Storage.

  • Click on All Contacts.

  • Now it will ask you to set the backup file name.

  • After setting the name click on Export and select the place on your mobile storage where you wants to save it.

  • Click on save.
  • Done.

    You can share or send this file with anyone and then they can restore all these contacts in their phone by following the below procedure.

Restore Contacts From Phone Storage

When You wants to restore this file then follow these simple steps.

  • Go to Contacts.

  • Open Contacts settings.

  • Go to Import/Export Contacts.

  • Click on import from storage.

  • Select Phone.

  • Go to The Place where your backup file is placed.

  • Open It.

  • Done.

So these were two helpful methods to backup of android contacts or to restore contacts on android.

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