how to delete friends in pubg
how to delete friends in pubg
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How To Delete Friends On PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the top and fastest-growing mobile games. When we play online games, we meet many new people daily, and some of them even become our friends. Like any social media platform, pubg also allows its users to add and unfriend other players to play and enjoy together.

Adding new friends on Pubg is very easy, but many players don’t know how to delete friends on pubg mobile, so here today, I will guide you step by step about how to unfriend player from your friend list.

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Before Deleting Friends On PUBG, Keep These Points In Mind

  • Once you unfriend other players, then you will lose all the Synergy Points with that friend.
  • You need to send them a friend request to add them again.
  • You will not be able to do a private chat with that friend after unfriend.
  • Your All previous chat history will be deleted.

How To Delete Friends On PUBG Mobile

Note: If Your Facebook account is connected with pubg then by following this method you will be able to delete friends from PUBG only without removing them from Facebook.

You will stay friends with them on Facebook.

It is very easy to delete or remove a friend on pubg; follow these steps.

Step 1: Open your game.

Step 2: Click on Your Friend List.

open friends list in pubg
pubg: open friends list

Step 3: Click on three lines Icon and then Batch Management.

Click on batch management to delete friends
Click on batch management to delete friends

Step 4: Select Freinds Whom You wants to unfriend.

Select your friends and delete
Select your friends and delete

Step 5: Click on delete.

Now, these players are removed from your account, and you will not see these friends anymore in your pubg mobile account.

How to Leave A Crew In PUBG

The crew is a kind of team in pubg where we can add a maximum of 6 players and one is Leader.

With this team, we can participate in events like all talent championships and crew challenge.

To leave Your crew open your team crew click on your profile and then click on leave.

Bonus Info : Change Your Online Status On PUBG

After Update 1.5.0, know you can edit your online status in pubg like you are online in-game, but your friends will see you offline.

Change your online status in pubg
Change your online status in pubg

There are four options for online status.

  1. Idle: Your friends will see you online, and they can also send you team invites
  2. Free To Team Up: Your friends will see a green note “Free to team Up” just below your name, and they can see you are online and invite you to the team.
  3. Don’t Disturb: Your friends will see you are online, but they will not be able to send you invites for team up, and they will see a red note”Don’t not Distab” just below your name tag.
  4. Stealth: Your friends will not see you online. Your status will be offline for them, even if you are in the lobby or a match.

Note: You can use stealth mode only three times a week.

Note#2: Your crew members can see that you are in stealth mode if they open the crew.

So these were some helpful tips of the day. You can share your queries or suggestions in the comments section.

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