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How to Live Stream PUBG Mobile on Facebook

With the technology advancement, Gaming is also becoming an essential pillar in the IT sector. Millions of people play games daily. People having skills want to showcase their gaming talent and skills to others. They use different platforms for Stream, e.g., Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, etc. With the increase of gaming demand, skilful gamers are also increasing hence streamers. The gaming industry is becoming an important pillar in the IT sector. Millions of people play games daily. If you also want to stream your gameplay on the internet and don’t know how to do it then here you can learn how to stream PUBG Mobile Live on Facebook.

Pubg Mobile – Storm in Gaming Industry

Gaming was started from PC. In my childhood, people use to play games on their PC, but the use of that was limited because people can’t carry their PCs everywhere with the increase of Mobile Phones/Tabs/Laptops. The mobility of devices had increased hence the need for Gaming in these devices also. PUBG Mobile has brought a new storm in Mobile Gaming. Released on 23 March 2017, with high-level competition along with multiplayer features, people start to love it. As of today, it has 500M+ downloads, with new players coming every day.

Surely you play PUBG and want to Stream Live on Facebook. Let’s get onto this.

How to Stream PUBG Mobile on Facebook

There are several ways to stream PUBG Mobile Live on Facebook. I am discussing an easy and more reliable method. Hopefully, you will love it. We will live stream on Facebook via omlet arcade.

Omlet Arcade is a live streaming mobile app. So to stream pubg mobile on Facebook with omlet arcade follow below steps.

Steps to Live Stream PUBG on Facebook

Install Omlet Arcade from Play Store.

install live streaming app to stream pubg on facebook.

After Installation, allow display over other apps and usage access.

Signup and Login. You can also open a guest account by skipping.

Click on the + icon located at the bottom. Tap on Go Live. Select Pubg Mobile to Stream. In the menu by default Omlet Stream is turned on.

Click on Facebook and log in. Allow access to Stream.

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login to facebook account

After Logging in, click on Facebook. Now here, you can check where you want to stream. On your wall, onto the page, or some group. Select audience as Public so that people can watch your stream.

Select the perfect title for your Stream and description along with it.

edit title and description of live stream

You can also change the stream options like Camera, Microphone, Quality, and Notifications by clicking Stream Settings. You can also set stream delay.

Finally, Click on Start to Stream Live.

start pubg stream

This is how your stream will look like on Facebook.

you are now live on facebook

Bonus Tip: If you are wondering how to hide omlet arcade floating icon then yes you can hide the floating icon of Omlet by going to the menu and clicking on Floating Window. Here you can turn off the Omlet floating window.

That’s it for the Live Stream. Hopefully, you will have a good stream along with good gameplay. If you have any questions, you can ask in the comment section.

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