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Best GFX Tool For PUBG And BGMI – Zero Lag

PUBG mobile is one of the most popular and fast-growing mobile games. When it comes to gaming, fps are very important for a good experience. The performance of PUBG mobile-like fps graphics depends on your mobile hardware. Players with high-end phones will get high and constant fps and graphics without lag, while a player playing on any low-end device will get low fps and graphics and may also face fps drops and lag. In this situation, Gfx tools help us, and in this article, I will tell you about the best gfx tool for pubg.

Today I will tell you how to fix lag in pubg mobile or get extreme or 90 fps in pubg without lag on a low-end device with low ram. In any version of pubg like PUBG kr, BGMI, PUBG vn, PUBG Global, PUBG Lite, PUBG TW, PUBG cn.

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Graphic Settings

In the player’s unknown battleground or BGMI graphic settings, you will see two main things graphics and FPS.

Pubg Graphics Settings
Pubg Graphics Settings

You will see the following graphics options.

Note: You may not see all these options on your phone, so no need to worry about it; we are here to fix it; keep reading this article 🙂

  • Smooth = Low Quality But Best Performance

  • Balance = Good Quality But Good Performance

  • HD = Great Quality But Poor Performance if the device is not good

  • Ultra Hd = Excellent Quality But Poor Performance if the device is not good

And just below these graphic options, you will see frame rates per second (fps) options.

  • Low = 15 FPS ( Very laggy performance)

  • Medium = 24 FPS (Very laggy performance)

  • High = 30 FPS (not much laggy)

  • Ultra = 40 FPS (Nice Performance)

  • Extreme = 60 FPS(Good Performance)

  • 90FP = Very Good Performance

Now you know which setting you should select, and I recommend you choose Smooth in graphics and the Highest available FPS in FPS settings.

What is GFX Tool For PUBG ?

GFX Tool is an application that will help you to handle the graphics and fps settings of your game manually. By Default in pubg, you can increase graphics and fps to a limit depending on the ram GPU and CPU of your phone; for example, if your phone has SD450 as a processor and 3 GB ram, then maybe you will get a maximum of 30 fps, and you will not get more fps than that because pubg doesn’t allow you to get more fps as they think your device is not good enough to get more fps, so we use gfx tool to fix this problem and get as much as fps we want without depending on our hardware and specification.

GFX Tool For Android 11+

Most of the gfx tools available on the play store don’t work on android 11+, but this gfx tool works on all android versions, including Android 11, and it is free.

How To Use PUBG GFX Tool

If your phone is not good and you face lag or frame drops while playing pubg or getting low fps, you should use the GFX tool to get more fps and a lag-free game. There are many gfx tools available on the play store, but I will recommend you this one.

Best GFX Tool For PUBG

Best Settings For GFX Tool

It’s essential to set up your gfx tool in the best way; otherwise, your game will not work correctly, so follow all these steps carefully.

1- Select your game version from the top. For example, if you are using BGMI, select BGMI or PUBG Global if you use Global.

Select Pubg Version in gfx tool
Select Pubg Version

2- Click on resolution and select 960×540.

Select Resolution for pubg
Select Resolution

3-Click on graphics and Select Smooth.

smooth graphics for pubg with gfx
Select Smooth As Graphics

4- Click on FPS and select 60 FPS if your phone has 4GB or more Ram or select 40 FPs if your Phone Has 3 GB ram or less.

If your hardware is not good enough then selecting high fps can result in lag in-game because your phone will not be able to process more fps.

select fps for pubg in gfx tool
Select FPS

5- Scroll to the end and Enable the Save Controls option otherwise your all controls and sensitivity settings will be reset in-game.

Save Controls of  pubg from gfx tool
Save Controls

6-Leave all other options as default.

7- Click On Accept and then click on the run game.

Run pubg from gfx tool
Run Game

8- Now, When the game will open, go to graphic settings and select smooth and ultra or extreme depending on what you choose in your gfx tool and save settings.

9- Now, you need to open the game every time from GFX Tool; otherwise, you will get the default graphic setting.

If your game still lags, you can change gfx settings and do experiments with different settings.


This app is free, so if you want, you can donate them by selecting the amount and clicking on donate button.


Q: Is it safe to use the gfx tool?
A: Yes, it is 100% safe to use it. I’m personally using it for two years and never got any ban.

Q: Do Gfx too increase bullets damage?
A: No, it only helps you to play the smooth game without lag.

Q: Why My game settings and sensitivity is changing when I use gfx?
A: There is an option in gfx to save your sensitivity, and settings enable it to avoid any problem.

Q: Can we use gfx on iPhone?
No, we cant use any gfx tool on ios.

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