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Callers Can’t Hear Me on Android Phone – Fix Mic

We use our android phones to call our friends and relatives almost daily, and how annoying it is when we call someone, and they can’t hear our voice. There are many possibilities of this problem, and I will share solutions to all problems in this article.

How to fix the Microphone Problem on Android?

So here are all possible ways to fix the mic of android phones.

  • Netork Signal Problem
  • Microphone Volume Is Low or muted
  • Microphone Is Damaged
  • Clean The Microphone
  • Software Glitches
  • Try Earphones/ Headphones
  • Headphones Symbol In Notification
  • Reboot Device
  • Factory Reset
  • Go To Repairing Shop

Callers Can’t Hear Me on android Phone.

If you are on a call and the person on the other end of the call cant hear you, then there is a high chance of problems in your network signals. 

Try to move out of your room or house to get strong signals or turn on and then off aeroplane mode.

If your network signal is good and another person is still unable to hear you, there may be any problem with your microphone, so read other solutions.

Microphone Volume Is Low or Muted

Check if your mic settings are correct or not. Maybe your mic volume is low or muted.

Callers Can't Hear Me on android Phone
Callers Can’t Hear Me on android Phone- Mic muted

If you are on a call, you will see a muted symbol on your mic icon on the screen and unmute it to talk. If your mic is not muted, check its volume; maybe its volume has been set to zero or very low, so another person cannot hear you in many calling apps and games; you get the option to adjust mic volume.

Microphone Is Damaged

This is the stage that no one wants to face. To see if your microphone is working or not, you can get help from your voice recording app.

Voice recording apps are present in every phone by default. Open it and record your voice and then save it and hear it to know if your microphone is working or not.

If your voice was not recorded, then there are chances that your microphone is not working anymore, but don’t lose hope here and read our other solutions; maybe we can still fix it :).

Clean The Microphone

Sometimes the path from where our voice reaches to the mic of our phones gets block due to dust particles or any other object so try to clean it.

You can blow air with your mouth in a mic hole to clear it from dust particles.

Software Glitches

Software glitches and bugs can also interrupt your audio during voice recording or on a phone call.

If any other third-party app is running in the background, then stop it. Try not to use your microphone on multiple applications at once. It can cause problems with your microphone, and other people will not hear you on call.

If you are using any call recording app, try to disable or uninstall it and check if the problem is solved.

It would be best to keep your applications and mobile software always up to date so software glitches and bugs can be removed from your phone.

Try Earphones/ Headphones

Plugin your headphones and record your voice; if your voice is being recorded with headphones or callers can hear you on call, there is a high chance there is no software issue. The issue is with your mobile mic or vice versa.

Headphones Symbol In Notification

If you see a headphone symbol in the notification area and your headphones are not even plugged in or connected through Bluetooth, there is a problem with your headphone jack. This problem will mute your mobile speaker and mic.

Earphone symbol in notification area
Earphone symbol in notification area
  • To fix it, try to blow air in the headphone jack and clean it.
  • Plugin your earphones and then plug them out.
  • Try to clean it with soft cotton.
  • Restart Your phone.

Reboot Device

If none of the solutions works for you, then you can try to reboot your phone. Just restart your phone, record your voice, or call someone to see if it is fixed or not.

Factory Reset

This solution is not recommended but still, if you want to factory reset your phone, then make sure to make a backup of your contacts and other data.

Go To Repairing Shop

The last option is to go to a repairing shop and give your phone to an expert to check and fix your problems. They may replace your microphone or repair the old one.

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