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How To Fix A Blurry Picture On Android

Pictures are more powerful than text to convey your messages, but they can mess up if your photo is unclear. Suppose you take a picture and notice anything wrong with it. In that case, you can retake it for a better and improved result, but what if the image is not captured by you or the picture is very old captured by ancient cameras , or you notice a blurry photograph after some time when you leave the place of a photoshoot, then what you will do now. Will you delete that photo ? Obviously, you will not delete it and try to fix it; that’s why you are here to search how to fix a blurry picture on android or iPhone.

If you have any text image, personal photo, photo of any object or scene in any format like Png or jpg e.t.c and there is a blur in it, or its resolution is poor, you can still fix it with one click on your phone. Yes, you can set blurry pictures on the phone.

Why My Image is Blury

Usually, images are blurry because of the small size or low resolution of the picture, but that is not the same in all cases. There are many reasons for blurry images, but we will fix blurred Pictures with only one click.

  • Your mobile or DSLR camera is capturing shallow pixel Picture.
  • The poor focus will result in blurry images.
  • The lense is not clear or using the wrong lense.
  • The camera is shaking.
  • If you downloaded a photo, maybe you downloaded it in low quality.
  • The original image is compressed.
  • Image is export in low resolution after editing.

How To Fix A Blurry Picture On Android

No matter the format of your image, whether it is PNG or JPG, JPEG or any other, we can fix it with one click. It will also set text pictures if texts are readable.

fix a blurry pictures on android phone
fix a blurry pictures on android phone

You can also use a laptop or pc to fix blurry images as there is much software available for windows and mac. Still, in this article, we will stick to android, and we will fix a blurry picure on android phone and believe me, you will be impressed by the result. And the process is straightforward, so you don’t need any photo editing knowledge.

Note: Always make a backup of the photo before editing it with any app.

Fix Old and Blurry Images With Remini On Mobile

Remini is an AI-based app available for both android and ios, which works so well, and its main features are

  • Repair and clear blurry images.
  • Enhance old photos and low-resolution photos to HD.
  • Improve the quality of photos taken with old cameras or mobile phones.
  • Repair lousy quality videos and remove blur from them and improve their quality.

Steps to fix blur in Remini

  1. Go to the play store and download remini
  2. Lunch app and click on Get Started
  3. Now, you can create a new account or log in to an old account, If you have any. You can use Facebook or Gmail to signup.
  4. Click on Enhance > Use it > select Picture.
  5. It will take a few seconds to process and then show an ad in the free version, so wait for a few seconds to skip the ad.
  6. Once your image is ready, click on save.

You can use the free version to Remove blur from pictures and videos, but you can purchase Pro Version for unlocking other features like enhance+, e.t.c.
In the free version, Users can clean ten photos in one day. You can subscribe to the premium version for unlimited photo enhancement.

How To Remove Blur From Photos Using Snapseed On Android

Snapseed is an advanced photo editor for mobiles; it is available for both ios and android.

Snapseed have 29+ tools to edit your photos. After installing it on your phone, open it.

  • Tap anywhere to open images > select your image.
  • Click on Tools > Details.
  • Adjust structure by swiping left and right on the screen.
  • Now click on the middle button and select sharpening and adjust sharpening.
  • After changing the Structure and Sharpening of your pictures, it will fix blurs present in Picture.
  • Click on export and then save your picture.

SnapSeed Vs Remini To Remove Blur

I used both remini and snapseed, to fix a blurry picture on android but the output of remini is much better as it uses AI to make our images new and best in quality, so I will go with Remini to remove blur, but snapseed gives you more tools for other type of editing.

How To Fix A Downloaded Blurry Picture

Suppose you have downloaded photograph from the internet and it is blured. In that case, you can use the apps mentioned above to set it but before jumping into editing, take a look if there is high definition version of your image is available on the internet or not. You can download photos without blur.

To download pictures in their full quality, don’t download them directly from google. Visit the website on which the image is available and see if they provide an option of different qualities to download if they offer, then download in the highest quality.

Visit Website for hd quality
Visit Website for hd quality
multiple download options for better quality
Download in highest pixels

If the Multiple Downloading options are not available, long click on the photo, then click on the open image in the new tab. Now again, long click on the image and select download image.

So In this way, you can download images without blur, but if your photo is still blurry, you can use remini to fix it.

How To Export Photos In High Quality

Is not it better if we get the maximum result of our edited photos when export?

Many people export their HD photos in low quality while editing on any photo editor so that they will get blurred images as a result. Hence, whenever you edit any application, make sure that you export your pictures in high definition to get good output. So in this way, you can fix images that lose quality after export or after edit.

How to Take a Picture without Blur

Is not it better to capture clear and excellent pictures than to edit them to fix their pixels quality? So if you are struggling to take good photos or want to improve your photography skills, you can follow these tips.

  1. Always clear the lens of your camera with a soft cloth before using it.
  2. Make sure your camera’s settings are optimized.
  3. If you are using any filters, you can change them or remove them for an experiment.
  4. Don’t shake your camera, especially if you are taking pictures in HDR mode.
  5. Use autofocus. If autofocus is not working correctly, you can tap on the area to focus the camera there or slightly move your phone.
  6. Make sure you have enough lights in a room or place where you are shooting photos.
  7. Don’t move your object while capturing.

So these were some ways by following you can easily remove blur from pictures on your android phone, and I hope it worked for you and your image is now in improved form :).

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