how to recover deleted data on android without root
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How To Recover Deleted Data on Android Without Root

How to recover deleted data on android without root? We have the most straightforward and most accessible solution for you to recover your deleted photos, videos and audio on android without a computer and without rooting your phone, and it is free.

Recover Deleted Data on Android Without Computer

We keep cleaning our phone from unwanted files, But sometimes we delete them by mistake. When you search on google about how to recover deleted data from mobile, you will see almost all of the search results will suggest you use a computer to get your data back by using some data recovery software. But here today, I will show you a method that doesn’t require any pc to recover deleted photos from android or your deleted videos or audio.

How To Recover Deleted Data On Android Without Root

Almost all media recovery software or apps demand root access from user access to get back their deleted data from internal storage. And not everyone wants to root their mobile phones due to the drawbacks of root; that’s why I’m writing this article to help all those who wish to recover data on android without rooting their phones. If you don’t know what android rooting is, let me explain this to you quickly.

What Is Android Rooting?

Android is based on Linux Kernal and uses a file permission system. It determines who can access and modify the main files of the system, and by default, these permissions are really strict for security purposes. Still, when we root our device, these permissions will change, and any app or person can modify these files, which is very risky.

How To Recover Deleted Videos From Android

Media files are always important, especially when they contain any important information or our happy memories in the form of videography, pictures or audio. The app which we are using today will help us to recover media files like photos, videos and audio.

So to recover deleted videos from android, follow these simple steps.

  • Install Dumpster from the play store.
Download dumpster app
App on playstore

Dumpster Is available for free, but you can purchase its pro version to avoid ads and unlock some helpful features, but you are still good to go with the free version for data recovery.

  • Now open Dumpster and click on deep scan.
DeepScan internal storage to recover files
Scan internal storage
  • Once the scanning is complete, you will see all of your previously deleted videos here.

You Can filter All scanned videos by size.
There are three options 0-4 minutes, 4-20 minutes and 20+ minutes. You can select the size according to your need or select all of them.

how to recover deleted videos from android
Recoverable Videos
  • Click on any video. You can watch that video here,
  • Click on the restore button, watch an ad or purchase a pro version; you can choose to watch an ad to use it for free.
  • Wait few seconds for the ad to end, and then your video will be automatically recovered.
  • Your recovered video will be saved in the file manager in a Restored name folder.
REcovered files location
Location of Recovered files

These videos will also appear in your gallery app or any other video player available on your phone.

How To Recover Deleted Photos From Android

The overall process of image recovery from android is much similar to the video recovery process discussed above. However, still, there are some minor changes so let me explain it again step by step for your better understanding.

  • Download Dumpster from google play store if you have not installed it.Open Dumpster and click on deep scan.
  • On the image tab, you can select the size of photos that you wants to restore from android.
  • Wait for a deep scan to compete.
  • You can filter your recovered photos by icon size, small size and large size.
how to recover deleted videos from android
Recoverable images
  • Now click on any photo and click on restore
  • Watch an ad to procced for free.

Now Your Picture will Restore in your phone storage, and it will also be available on the Gallery app.

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How To Recover Deleted Audio From Android

If you have read the above methods for photo recovery and video recovery, then I’m sure you can also recover your audio or music files from android. You can recover all formats of audio even if it is a recorded audio of your mobile.In case you don’t know how to do that, let me explain it to you.

  • Do you have the Dumpster app on your phone? If not, then install it.
  • Now open this App and Go to deep scan.
  • Wait for the app to complete scanning your mobile to get all the deleted music files from your phone’s internal storage.

When it shows all audio files, you can filter them by 0-1 min, 1-10 min and 10+ mins.

how to recover deleted music from android
Recoverable Audios
  • Click on the audio > Restore.

After restoration, you will find this audio in your music app and Restored folder in File manager.

Keep Your Data Safe From Being Deleted

Is not it better to keep your data safe than to worry about its recovery after deleting it? Everyone wants to keep their phone free from trash data or unwanted files, but sometimes also deletes important data by mistake so, always make a backup of your important files before deleting them.

Use Recycle Bin

There is no recycle bin on Android by default, but you can use the same app as a recycle bin which we used for data recovery.

Don’t directly delete your photos or videos. Click on them and click on the share or send button, and select dumpsters.

recycle bin for android

Your file will be deleted from your storage but not permanently, it will be stored in a Recycle bin of Dumpster, and you can restore them from there any time or permanently delete them.

how to restore photos on mobile

Make a Backup of Data on Android

Making a backup of your data is not that hard; all you need is a wifi connection and a google account. When every you need those files you can recover them. To make an online backup, you can follow guidelines by google.

You can also make a backup offline in a USB disk or on a laptop; to do it, you need to connect your mobile with a laptop or pc then transfer your files.

Keep Your Contacts Safe

Mobile phone numbers are very important to keep in touch with our friends and relatives, and if you delete a contact number by mistake, then it will not be easy to recover them so I will suggest you always make a backup of your contacts so in time of need you can recover them easily.

I hope now you have got your deleted data back on android by following our method of android data recovery. If you still have any question or problem you can share with us.

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