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How To Save Whatsapp Status On Android

WhatsApp is a trendy and fast-growing messenger, but people don’t only use it to send messages and do calls; we can also add status on WhatsApp like Instagram and Facebook. Sometimes our friends or relatives upload any photo or video status which we like and want to save on our phone to watch it again in the future or to upload it as our status or stories. Unfortunately, WhatsApp doesn’t allow us to save video and photo status directly. Still, we have found an easy way to save WhatsApp status on android phones without any third-party app.

How To Save Any Whatsapp Video and Photo Status On Android Without App

Before starting, I want to mention that is article is just for educational purposes. If you’re going to save anyone’s status, kindly take permission from them before downloading their WhatsApp status.

Follow these simple steps.

1 – Open Files By Google; if you don’t have google files on your phone, you can install it from the google store.

files by google download
Files By Google

2 – Click o the top-right menu icon and go to settings.

Open settings of google files manager app
Go to Files Settings

3 – Scroll down and enable show hidden files.

show hidden files in android.
Show Hidden Files in Android

4 – Now Go Back to the home page of Files By Google and click on internal storage.

go to internal storage
Open Internal Storage

5 – Here in internal storage search for WhatsApp folder, in WhatsApp folder go to the Media folder, and then.Statuses folder.

whatsapp status folder
Go to Whatsapp > Media > Statuses

6 – Here you will see all photo and video statuses that you had already watched in your Whatsapp application. Click and hold on any status and then click on the top-right menu and select copy to.

save whatsapp status
Copy Whatsapp status

7 – Select Internal Storage or SD Card then select folder where you want to save Whatsapp status.

Save Whatsapp status
Save Whatsapp status

Done 🙂 Now you can see these statuses in your gallery app.

Save Whatsapp Status With App

If you don’t want to play with these folders and files, you can install a third-party status saver app from the play store, which will do the same work but in an easy way.

  • Download Any status saver app.

  • Open it and grant required permissions.

  • Go to the Status section and download status.
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