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How Do I Stop Apps From Automatically Running on Android?

Apps automatically running in the background on android or automatically starting themselves is annoying. Many apps run their services in the background without letting us know, and some of them are useful, but most of them are just a pain for our phones. So how do we stop apps from automatically running on android in the background or foreground? One solution is to uninstall the app, but we also need those apps to use, so we will not uninstall them; instead, we will follow six different methods to Stop Apps From Automatically Running on Android.

Why Should We Stop Apps From Automatically Running on Android?

There are many reasons not to allow applications from running in the background on android. Some of the main reasons are listed below.

Quick Battery Drain

Too many active applications on your phone can quickly drain your mobile battery, so it is good to kill unwanted processes and applications operating on your phone.

More Ram Usage And Slow Down The Speed of Mobile

When many apps are running on your phone, then the ram usage will also increase, and the main application on which you are currently working will get less ram to operate, and it will be slow down also, your phone may hang if your total ram capacity is low.

Wastage of Mobile Data

Many applications have access to the internet. If any unwanted apps are running on your phone without your intention, that app can waste your mobile internet data by uploading or downloading unwanted data.

So now you know why it is essential to prevent apps from automatically running on android. Now, let’s look at its solutions.

Method 1: Freeze App to Stop Them From Running Automatically.

Yes, you can disable or force stop to Stop Apps From Automatically Running on Android. 

  • Click and hold on to your targeted application and then click on app info.

  • Here You will See Disable options. Click on disable, but in many new phones, you may not Disable option.

  • If you don’t have the disable option, then you can also click on Force stop. 

Both diable and force stop will stop your app from running, and you will not see those apps on your home screen or apps drawer when you click on disable app. That app will be hidden, but in case of force stop, the apps will be available on your home page, and when you will click on it, It will no longer be forced stop. It will again start working.

Read This Article to know about many more options to hide apps on android.

Method 2: Stop Process Running In Background

First, you need to enable the developer option on your phone.

Go to Settings > About phone > Build Number and tap on it seven times until it turns on the developer option.

Now go to phone settings and go to the developer option.

Select Running Services > Open the service > click on the stop button.

But some of these processes will start again after a few mins or secs, so it’s better to go with a method no one if you want to prevent apps from running in the background until you want them to run again.

Method 3: Limit Background Process on Android

You can set a limit on apps that will run in the background.

Go to developer mode.

Scroll down to the background limit option.

Click on it and select your desired limit.

Note: Limiting less or no process can cause trouble while doing multi taking like if you set a limit to no background process and leave your one app and open a second app. If you go back to the first app, then that app will restart from the start, so sometimes it can make problems for multitasking, but at the same time also save many MBs of your RAM by stoppings apps in the background, and your current app will work fast.

Tip: This method will be beneficial when you play some heavy games like PUBG, COD, e.t.c, on your phone, so there will be no background process, and your game can use full RAM and CPU of your device to run without lag.

We have some more tips for you to run PUBG without lag đź™‚ 

Read More Here:

Method 4: Stop Apps Activities When You Leave them.

In the developer option, you will also see the Don’t Keep Activities Feature; just turn it on to destroy every activity as soon as you leave them.

Enable Don't keep any app activity to stop running in background
Don’t Keep Activities.

You can face multitasking issues with this method.

Method 5: Use App Battery Optimization To Stop Apps From Running

The battery optimization feature is beneficial to stop apps from automatically running in the background. If you are using any old android version, you may see some differences in this feature here; I’m using a Realme device with Android 10.

Go to Settings > Battery > App Battery Management > Select the apps and disable background activity and auto-launch.

Method 6: By Using Third Party Applications

You can also use some third-party applications to stop apps from running automatically on android.

I will Suggest Greenify as it is available for both rooted and unrooted devices.

greenify app on playstore
Install Greenify from Playstore
  • Download it from Play Store.

  • Open it and follow instructions and also grant required permissions.

  • When greenify will open, select the app you want to hibernate on and click on the tick button.

So these we the answer to how do I stop apps from running automatically on android. I hope now you know how to do that.

If you have any questions or suggestions, kindly let us know in the comments section.

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