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Why Can’t I Send Picture Messages On My Android

Are you trying to send pictures through text messages on android, and MMS is not working? or your MMS is not downloading? Or if you are wondering about how do I turn on MMS on my android, then we have multiple tips to solve your problem.

What is MMS Messaging?

Before moving forward, let me briefly introduce MMS to people who don’t know about it. Since the invention of the camera in mobile phones and with the increasing number of smartphones, the use of multimedia is also increasing.

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Services. You can send and receive multimedia like voice, video and images through text messages.

Why Can’t I Send Pictures Through Text On My Android?

If someone sends you images, videos or voice through text and your MMS messages not downloading or MMS not sending on android, then the problems and solutions of both situations are almost the same; for example,

  • Not Enough Credits
  • Network Problems
  • Wrong Settings
  • Problems in App or Storage
  • And many more.

How To Fix Picture Not Sending On Android Messages

Multiple factors cause troubles while sending images via messages on android, and we will discuss all solutions to this in detail. Try all these troubleshooting tips one by one to fix your problem quickly, so let’s start.

Do Your Carrier Support MMS

Nowadays, all carriers provide MMS services still make sure that your sim carrier supports MMS so you can send or receive pictures in text messages on your mobile.

To get this information, you can search about it on Google or contact the customer services team of your mobile carrier and ask them if they provide multimedia messaging services.

Do You Have Enough Credits To Send MMS

It would help if you had a mobile balance or subscription to a required plan to send images by text, so make sure you have enough credits or plans. To check this, you can use the codes provided by your carrier or contact their helpline.

Disconnect Your Wifi

You need mobile data to send photos in a text message. You can’t send MMS if you are connected with wifi, so turn off wifi on your phone.

To turn off wifi, go to settings, search for wifi, click on it and then turn it off.

You can also turn off wifi from the notification panel; pull the notification bar down and click on the wifi icon to turn it on or off.

Turn On Mobile Data To Send Picture Messages

As discussed above, we need a data connection to send or receive pictures on text, not a wifi connection. We can only send images by messages with data , so turn it on.

To turn it on, go to Phone settings, search for mobile data and turn it on.

You can also turn off data from the notification panel; pull the notification bar down and click on the data icon to turn it on or off.

Network Signals

Do you have a stable network connection? Stable and better network connection is highly recommended to send photos in your text as images have more size than a simple text message.

Strong network signals to send picture messages on android.
Network signals

You can check your network connection in your notification panel; if your connection is strong, you will see the network full and vice versa.

If you don’t have a good connection, move to any other place in the house or turn off and on aeroplane mode.Slow or week connections can also cause a lot of problems while you are on a phone call.

Reset APN Settings

Reset the apn settings of your network, so if there is any problem in apn settings, it will be corrected.

To do this, go to settings > Mobile Data/Network > Click on Sim > Access Point Name.

Now click on the three dots present at the top right and click on the Reset access point.

Setup MMS Settings On Your Phone

If you have not set up APN (access point name ) on your mobile, then set it up and enable MMS messages on your phone. To set up, follow these steps.

  1. Go to phone Settings > Mobile Networks/Data
  2. Click on Your Sim No
  3. Go to Access Point Name
  4. Click on Add
  5. Fill in the data of APN Name, Proxy, Password and other required fields according to your network provider. (You can find this data on their website).
  6. Save Your Settings.


Make sure you have not restricted your messaging app from using mobile data. If you have prohibited your messaging app from using mobile data, you will not receive any picture in text, and you can also not send any picture in the text on android.

To give your app access to internet data.

Go to Settings > Mobile data > Data usage > Network Permissions.

Now you will see a list of all apps. Click on messaging app and enable data usage.

Enable data access to messages to send photos in messages

Allow Permissions

Give all required permissions to messages app, especially storage permission.

To give permissions

  • Go To Settings > App Manager > Select App
  • Click on Permissions
  • Allow Required Permissions


Clearing the cache of apps will make it free from junk files, and it will work faster and fix some glitches which causing by cookies and junk files.

To Clear the cache of your messaging app.

  • Click and hold on to it.
  • Click on App info
  • GO to Data Usage.
  • Clear Cache.

Reinstall APP or Clear Data

If your problem is still unresolved, you can reinstall the app. If your messaging app is a default message app of your phone and you can uninstall it as many mobile companies don’t allow uninstalling default apps, then clear data of it as we cleared cache. This will make your app fresh, and it will reset app settings and may fix your errors.

  • To Clear Data
  • Go to App info.
  • Click on Data Usage.
  • Now Clear Data.

Update Messenger

Still not unable to send or download MMS on android phones? Update text messaging app if any update is available or install any other app from the google play store.

Restart Android

Restarting your phone will boost it. Shut down the mobile and turn it on after waiting for 30 seconds.
Sometimes many glitches occur in our os and other applications, which can only be resolve by restarting our device. So maybe restarting your phone may help you send pictures through text by fixing some errors and glitches.

So these were some possible solutions if the android phone won’t send picture messages. If anyone doesn’t know how to send picture messages on android, here is a brief guide.

How To Send Picture Messages on Android Mobiles

To send picture messages on android mobiles, you need to,

  • Open Your message app.
  • Click on the Plus icon.
  • Select or enter the receiver number.
  • Now click on the plus icon, which is just beside the input text field.
  • Click on a picture, or you can select a video or voice which you want to send.
  • Select Your Media and click on Send.

If you face any issue while sending photos or MMS in text, read this article from the start as we have discussed all possible fixes of this error.

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